Friday, September 6, 2013

Another summer has passed.

September is probably my favorite month.  The water is warm, the kids are in school and the tourist aren't here.  About the only thing that makes me a little sad is that another summer has passed.  For the most part the waves this summer pretty much sucked with the exception of a few days.  There is still a chance that a hurricane will come.  The good news is my girlfriend Julie has gotten the surf bug and is progressing nicely.

Probably the second best thing to come out of the summer is that I got more use to my fish.  I started with a 7' and my favorite is a 6' 8".  They are much better suited to the waves here.  There are certain times when the longboard works well, usually going to a high tide.  Anyways, I haven't built anything new.  I'm just enjoying getting out as much as I can.  The beach house got painted outside and backyard is getting squared away.  Still living the dream.