Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beach break.. here

The waves yesterday were walled up and fast. The off shore wind made it all possible. It's so much fun to fly thru the sections and transition to the reform and slide on that too. ANyways,, I've surfed my wood boards and I've surfed my foam quad. The foamy is a lot more fun. It's high performance and it gets up and goes just a little faster which makes a huge difference for me.

THere are times and places where wood would be a better choice but, it's not the better choice for here. The wood can be a lot of fun when it's high tide and mushy. All I can say about that is, I'm waiting for that day. I've got a couple balsa/pine/cedar evo boards from Ron Ferrer and I'm looking forward to testing them. They are about the same weight as my foamy so, it should be interesting. BTW- there are lots of places (sunset beach, nc) where the wood is the better choice.