Monday, January 23, 2012

Balsa Cedar Pine board

I got this board from my friend Ron Ferrer. He's a good guy and good HWS builder. THe board is an evo with the regular longboard spar. It's super light and feels strong. I can't wait to take it out and see how it goes.


  1. ceder? nice colored wood. with balsa, what 20 pounds? Am very interested in how it rides with that spar and rib combo. Have been thinking it might be good for an all around board that would be quick to turn but not for beginners. glassed on fin? Looks like it. What's the nose width at 12" and his tail width? would like a close up of his tail.

    Surf here was awesome on saturday, 3' and sweet rides. For our 5 miles of beach, only Tom and I were out. I'm really loving that evo rib design. tail will be very thin and with up turned rail in back. Rocker is the same as nose rider, but now am thinking std rocker long board might be nice combo. Nose is also going to be thin, but with reverse rail from tail, 75/25 (tail 25/75). Not certain yet, might be difficult to get that transition. Board will be about 9'6".

    1. This board is 9' and std lb rocker. It's maybe 12 lbs so that's light to me. The pivot fin is glassed on. Ron did a good job running the balsa. IT's diagonal on the bottom. THis one should fly. I hope so. I'm thinking of building a cedar, balsa and spruce board soon. I'm thinking 9' quad.

      I've heard that reverse rail are good. THe std rocker will nose ride all day but, I really love that nr spar. It changes everything in a good way.

  2. How much do you charge for one like this?