Thursday, March 3, 2011

Not so fast.

I set the first rail strips on each side. That went well and they have a good sweeping flow that follows the ribs. Next, I set the second rail strip on one side. That seems to go fairly well also until I looked at it again this morning. I noticed that strip dipped down in a couple places (L7-L9 & L2-L3). It would be a big problem if I just kept on railing the board.

The way I fix these trouble spots is to cut them loose and reset them. The gorilla glue is very forgiving in that respect. It's an easy fix and using the right tension clamps is essential. I also used some scrap wood to push out the strip. Yes, rail strips can be a PITA but, it's a much better and easier system than bead and cove.


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  1. yes have also had that problem and Gor glue is great for redoing problems.